Shopping Cart - Before the Sale

We’ve found 5 key areas to increase customer engagement with donate-at-checkout offerings.

  1. A clear call-to-action: customers want to know exactly what the proposal is and a box to be checked or unchecked.
  2. Logos, logos, logos, people love a visual representation of the charities you’ve chosen!
  3. Write inspiring copy that shares why you as a company chose this charity / charities and if you’re matching the donation.
  4. Make sure that all the monetary amounts line up in the same column for easy tabulation.
  5. Place your donate-at-checkout feature directly above the “Place Order” button because that is where the action is.

A second example of these key layout concepts at checkout:


And a mobile version for reference:



Post Sale - Thank You Page

In addition to the shopping cart screens before payment is confirmed there are also optimal layouts for post payment if you opt for users to select their own charities, or even search manually for a preferred charity.

  1. A clear headline indicating where the donation is coming from (purchaser, a matched donation from the merchant).
  2. Using charity logos for maximum visual impact and connection to the charity's brand.
  3. Closely combined with the optional search option if users are allowed to choose their own charity.
  4. Clear highlighting of selected charities.



Custom In-app Options for Saas Business

The ChangeUp API is flexible so that you're limited only by your imagination. Placing Round-Up or one-time donations anywhere within your commerce world is possible with completely custom front-end development. An example of this could be an optional Round-Up payment anywhere within your checkout process:

*UI design for demonstration purposes only. Merchants may custom-design the ChangeUp endpoints to match their own eCommerce style and design.