E-Commerce System

  • Document the process for deploying changes in the Business Manager to production
    • Train the relevant Salesforce admins on the process
  • Provide screenshots of the donation UI in the shopping cart with various configurations
    • Merchant donations
    • Customer donations
    • Matched donations
    • Fixed amount
    • Percentage
    • RoundUp
    • One charity
    • Multiple charities

  • Provide screenshots of the text in the shopping cart describing the donation

Common Issues

  • For RoundUps, confirm that even dollar amounts are processed as full dollar donations
  • For returned orders, ensure the donated amount is not refunded to the customer
  • Ensure that no taxes are charged on the donated amount

OMS Integration

  • Confirm that the OMS system processes the donation data correctly when an order is shipped
  • Inform ChangeUp about the frequency that you intend to send donation batches to the ChangeUp API

End-to-End Testing

Perform the following tests via manual or automated testing and notify ChangeUp so we can confirm that the donations were correctly processed on our end.

  • Place an order without making a donation and ensure that no donation is processed
  • Place an order with a customer-only donation
  • Place an order with a merchant-matched donation
  • Place an order with a merchant-only donation
  • Place an order with multiple charities

For questions: katie@changeupforcharity.com