What is the mission of ChangeUp?

Our mission is to revolutionize charitable giving. We use technology to directly connect people and charities in ways that are efficient, transparent and fun. We want users to connect easily to any charity at any time and we want charities to increase the efficiencies of raising funds. ChangeUp was built on the belief that even the smallest efforts can change the world. We set out to build a platform that allows people to be the change you want to see in the world with as little as two cents. Yes, we engineered a way to send 2¢ to a charity (that wasn’t easy) because not just billionaire philanthropists get to be givers.

ChangeUp is a social gathering place where friends, causes and brands can share, challenge and ChangeUp The World together. Every time we buy something, we endorse the process and people behind that purchase. ChangeUp allows for a charitable add-on to each purchase, and our not-so small vision is a world where every consumer purchase is matched with a charitable donation. If this sounds interesting to you then please join us and let’s change the world together.

Which nonprofits are available?

The ChangeUp platform connects to over 850,000 charities [501c3s in the US]. We will expand to non-US based charities in the near future.

Have these charities been vetted?

The charities on the ChangeUp platform are screened against the watchdog list produced by our colleagues at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the premier U.S. non-profit organization that tracks extremist groups across the country. The 2018 watchdog list includes 78 charities that are prevented from joining the ChangeUp platform. This list is updated annually.

Donors are encouraged to cross-reference charities on Charity Navigator, a leading service that ranks charities based on their effectiveness, efficiency and transparency. Charity Navigator’s mission is, “To guide intelligent giving. By guiding intelligent giving, we aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s and the world’s most persistent challenges.”

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. The ChangeUp platform only features 501c3 charities that are formally registered with the IRS. With ChangeUp you can select “Export Giving Report” at any time and share with your CPA.

How much charitable giving is allowed to be tax deductible by the IRS?

The good thing about donations is that, in most cases, there is no limit on how much you can deduct. However, you must itemize your deductions in order to gain a tax benefit. To that end, ChangeUp invites you to select “Export Giving Report” at any time and share it with your CPA.

Only contributions to IRS-qualified charities are deductible, which is why those are the only charities offered on our platform. The Giving Calculator at Charity Navigator is a helpful tool. You may be surprised to learn that you can afford to be even more generous than you thought!

Does ChangeUp work for transactions made on the web?

Yes! ChangeUp works wherever you use your credit card, in a brick or mortar store or on the Internet.

How do I sign-up for ChangeUp?

When you sign up for ChangeUp you’ll be asked to link two accounts: your RoundUp Account and your Payment Account. Your RoundUp Account is typically your credit card, debit card, or bank account. This account is read-only, which means that ChangeUp cannot charge the card; instead it reads the transaction amounts and calculates round-ups of spare change on each transaction, like .03 cents, .87 cents, or .22 cents.

At the end of the month, round-ups are added and batched into a single amount that equals, for example, $14.12. The Payment Account pays the donation of $14.12 to the charity on the last day of every month.

As an example, a user may select his Citibank credit card as his RoundUp Account because it has the most transactions and therefore the potential for generating the most round-ups. At month’s end, he selects his Wells Fargo credit card as his Payment Account to send the cumulative round-ups ($14.12) to his charity. If you like, your RoundUp Account and Payment Account can be the same account.

I don’t have a mobile wallet. Can I still use ChangeUp?

Yes. To use ChangeUp, all you need is a traditional credit card. You do not need to be enrolled in a mobile wallet.

Is my bank on the ChangeUp platform?

Over 2,000 banks are accessible on the ChangeUp platform.

Can I set limits on my monthly giving?

Yes. The minimum for monthly giving is $5.00. The minimum for instant giving is $1.00. A monthly maximum can be set too in the Settings tab.

How can my non-profit join the ChangeUp platform?

If you are a 501c3 then you are already on our platform. Please search using the legal name of your charity. If you’d like to add your charity or enhance your presence on our platform, please contact us at charityteam@changeupcharity.com and we’ll get you started! We will need your charity’s logo, photos, mission statement and location.

How secure is ChangeUp?

Security is one of the biggest considerations we have. Our payment processor is Stripe, which is certified as a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most rigorous level of certification available in the payments industry. ChangeUp holds the highest standards to keep information private and secure, including data processing with 256-bit encryption and data exchange with 128-bit SSL.

What are ChangeUp’s fees?

The ChangeUp app is free to download and 100% of donations are tax-deductible. ChangeUp’s donation distribution fee is 5%. In addition, your credit card company will charge a processing fee of anywhere from 2.2%-3.9%, depending on their terms and conditions. The credit card fee is billed as a surcharge, and therefore not deducted from the donation. It is our pride and mission to make charitable giving economical and efficient.

Can I give to any charity on the ChangeUp platform at any time?

Yes. Use the Donate Now button and you can give to any charity at any time.

If I select one charity to receive my round-ups, can I still give one-time donations to other charities?

Yes. With ChangeUp, you can donate in two ways: 1) Monthly Giving: select a charity to receive your round-ups every month, or give them a set amount. 2) Instant Giving: Even if you’re enrolled in a Monthly Giving plan, you can also give one-time donations at any time to any charity you like.

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Can I change my charity at any time?

Yes. When you browse through the charities on our platform, simply select “Make This My Favorite Cause” and that automatically becomes the new recipient of your Monthly Giving.

How can I challenge my friends?

The ChangeUp app prompts users to share their donations with friends. Also see the tab “Invite Friends” to bring friends to the platform to ChangeUp the World together!

How much of my donation is tax deductible?

Typically your tax deduction is 100%. ChangeUp only offers US 501c3’s on its platform. Consult your CPA for the specifics of your own situation.

How much of my donations go straight to my charity?

100% of your donations go to charity.

What is Passive Giving?

Passive Giving is when donations occur in the background of everyday activities like shopping. With ChangeUp, a user can elect to round-up their purchases and send the cumulative spare change to their charity at the end of the month. (The user can also select a fixed amount to be donated every month). Passive Giving is an effective way to fundraise because it requires a one-time set up and then runs in the background of a user’s activities.

I’m a fundraiser interested in creating a Passive Giving program for our membership, how do I begin?

Fill out the form on our website for Fundraisers and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours. Schools and churches have found great success with our Passive Giving program and we’ll show you the way.

I enrolled in ChangeUp through a partnership with my bank or credit union. How do I track my roundups?

If you enrolled in ChangeUp through one of our partner Financial Institutions, consult the web page where you enrolled and your end of month statement from your bank. Your card statement will show the round-ups that occurred on your account throughout the month and the final donation to your charity. As a separate donating tool, you may also download the ChangeUp app from the App Store and elect to donate there too.

How many rewards points do I get for each dollar donated through ChangeUp?

Rewards points vary between our different banking partners. Please contact your Financial Institution for more information on their specific plan.

ChangeUp offers portfolios that feature more than one charity. How are donations distributed in portfolios?

If you give to a portfolio, then your donation goes in equal parts to the charities in that portfolio. For example, if the portfolio has 5 charities, each will receive 20% of your donation. We take care of the splits and distributions for you!

Can I load more than one RoundUp account?

No, not at this time. But we are working to integrate this feature soon.