Product Overview

ChangeUp for Platforms (CP) is a donation solution for e-commerce platforms and other web-based platforms that enable the sale of products or services, payment of bills, etc. It is a streamlined solution that allows customers or payers to add a donation to their payment with a single click.

CP is fully configurable by the platform participants (store owners, service providers, bill payees, etc.). They can select which charities are presented to customers/payers at checkout, how the donation amount is calculated (round-up, percent of payment, or flat amount), whether the donation is matched, and much more. 

Code Setup

There are four main components to the CP implementation:

On-boarding widget

Admin Dashboard

Payment page widget (the shopping cart, bill pay page, etc)

Confirmation page widget (the page that displays after the payment is made)

Each page will need to import the CP JavaScript file and include a code snippet for configuration, as well as some markup so that the UI components can render.

Additionally, a session must be created by making a request to the ChangeUp API from your server. The ChangeUp API will respond with a session token that will be used in the config on the client side.

Creating a Session

Your client-side JavaScript will require a ChangeUp session token, which is generated by making a server-side POST request to the /create-session endpoint on the ChangeUp API.


There are a few on-boarding steps that must be completed successfully before a merchant can enable donations. ChangeUp provides an on-boarding UI widget that handles the merchant on-boarding flow in a modal that appears over any page of your web application.

This on-boarding flow will typically be displayed on an admin dashboard when the platform participant chooses to enable donations.

The on-boarding flow will be rendered in a modal over the page and will walk the user through a Plaid auth flow. As part of the on-boarding process, the platform participant will be asked to agree to the ChangeUp Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Admin Dashboard

CP provides an admin dashboard that allows platform participants to configure their donation widgets. Configuration options include donation type (round-up, percentage of payment, or flat amount), donation matching, charity selection, and display text selection.

The admin dashboard can either be displayed in an iframe or opened in a new browser tab. A valid session token must be passed in the query string of the dashboard URL.<valid_session_token>

To render the dashboard in an iframe, include iframe=1 in the query string along with the session token.<valid_session_token>&iframe=1

The dashboard also displays reports on the donations that the merchant’s customers/payers have made.

Payment Page Widget

CP provides a widget that the customer/payor can use to make a donation at the time that they are making their payment, whether in a shopping cart, bill payment page, or other payment event. The widget is rendered using a similar code snippet as the On-boarding Widget, and the markup can be placed on your page at the location where you want the widget to appear.


Confirmation Page Widget

The confirmation page is the page that is displayed after the payment is completed. On this page, we encourage platforms to display the Confirmation Page Widget in order to enable customers/payors to select the charity that will receive the donation. As with the Payment Page Widget, the markup should be placed in the location where you want the widget to appear.

This widget does not display if the platform participant has only configured a single charity to receive the donations. If a user does not select a charity, the donation goes to the default charity as configured by the platform participant.