Your Fundraising Pre-Game

  1. Confirm that your charity is on our platform: download the app for free and
    search “Charities” with the name used when your entity was formally registered with the IRS. We pull data monthly from the IRS, so most likely your 501c3 is already in our database, but please double-check.
  2. Email us at Share your updated logo and mission statement, if needed.
  3. If you’d like to receive direct deposits to your bank account, please sign-in
    with our distribution partner here:
  4. Next page: begin your campaign!

The 5-Step Campaign

  1. Define a sign-up period and goals. Successful campaigns typically last 15 to 30 days with daily attention from you, the fundraiser. Consider scheduling your ChangeUp campaign around a big fundraising event when members are in the giving spirit.
    Your goal: to build a community of X number of donors on mobile.
  2. Email and text the link. Go to your charity’s page in the ChangeUp app. Use the share button (top right) to send a link to your membership group via email and/or text message.
  3. Post regularly to social! The share button can also be used to post your charity’s ChangeUp page to Facebook and Twitter. Daily postings boost sign-up rates considerably.
  4. Post your video. If we made a video with your logo, you can share that with your group via email or Facebook with an additional button to download the app. No cost!
  5. Speak at Events + Handout Info. Member sign-ups are the easiest in person! Download our simple brochure (available on our website) to handout. Sample emails and speeches are on the following pages.

Sample Email Script

Copy and paste the following into your email software:


Subject: Donate Spare Change to [School Name]!

Your mobile phone is now your lightsaber for good!

Typically we like to fundraise large amounts, but today we’re asking you to give small amounts. Like really small. [School Name] is now activated on the ChangeUp app. Round-up your purchases to the nearest dollar and send us your spare change! It takes 60 seconds to activate, download it here:
[Link to your charity within the app here—generated from the share button on the top
right of your charity’s page in the ChangeUp app]

Main Link to the ChangeUp in the App Store:

Link a credit card and you’re done. The app will then tabulate your spare change and send it to us in a single amount on the last day of every month. It’s so easy and operates in the background of your life.

• Any debit or credit card works; log in to link your card
• All purchases are automatically rounded-up, whether online or off.
• Request a tax-deductible report at any time!
• Donate spare change or a fixed amount

Send your nickels and dimes to [School Name]!

Your Fundraising Team

PS: ChangeUp is giving us $1 FREE for everyone that signs up!

2 Minute Speech

Donations of Spare Change with ChangeUp

You all know that our fundraising team has been searching for innovative ways to drive donations to the school. We found something new.

Instead of asking you to donate large sums of money, what if we asked you to start giving small amounts. Like, really small amounts?!

ChangeUp is a mobile app that helps users round-up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the spare change to us, [School Name].

[School Name] is now activated on the ChangeUp app. It takes 60 seconds to download from the App Store and get started. It’s called ChangeUp: Charity Donation.

You can pull out your phone right now and download it. That’s ok! I know you want to look at your phones anyway.

Optional: I’m passing around a print-out with a QR code to download/posting the QR code on the big screen here. Just point your iPhone camera at it! You just link a credit card and you’re done.

The app will then tabulate the round-ups for every purchase on that credit card. It then tallies the spare change into a single amount and sends it to us on the last day of every month. It’s so easy and operates in the background of your life!

• Any debit or credit card works
• RoundUps are connected to the card you connect, and any purchases you make with that card online or offline.
• You can get a tax-deductible report at anytime
• You can donate spare change or give a fixed amount

Again, the app is called ChangeUp: Charity Donation.

See me afterward if you’d like me to text the link to you, or give any other kind of help.

I want your nickels and dimes!

Thank you.

Campaign Follow-Ups

• Weekly reminders in-person
• Weekly emails with status updates on the goal (# of users signed-up) and link to app.
• Daily Facebook posts
• Most effective: In-person sharing via texting of your charity page
• Print and share the hand-out (download from our website) with QR code!

1-page ChangeUp hand-outs are available for download on our website (8.5 x 11 and half-page too). This is a great way to invite your membership to engage in micro-donating at meetings and live events!


1-page ChangeUp hand-outs are available for download as a PDF, Word Document, and Pages. This is a great way to invite your members to engage in micro donating at meetings and live events!

Download the half-page size in PDF, Word Document, Pages


Must the donor link a credit card?
Yes. If donors elect to round-up their purchases, they will be cued to link a card and round-ups will be calculated on that card’s activity. Also, a card must be linked to pay for the end-of-month donation (can be the same card).

Does the card have to be in a mobile wallet?
No. Any credit card can be linked to ChangeUp—digital or plastic—and round-ups will occur anywhere that card is used, online or off.

Do the round-ups occur automatically or is a user cued every time they shop?
Once you link a card, our technology calculates the round-ups
of spare change automatically. It happens in the background
as you go about your everyday shopping. At the end of the
month, the sum of all your round-ups is batched into a single
amount and sent to the charity as your donation for that month.

How can I request my tax report?
Select the tab “My Giving Report” and we’ll email your report!

How do we update our mission statement, logo and photos?
Email us any updates and we’ll make the changes:

Can donors set limits on how much they give?
Yes. In Settings, you can select monthly minimums and maximums.

Can we white-label this technology for our charity?
Contact us to discuss, we need to learn more about your current mobile app.

Can my donations be anonymous?
Yes, you can make your donations anonymous in Settings.

Why would donors use this when they could just write a check?
Mobile giving allows you, the fundraiser, to reach your members where they always are: on their phone. It also allows for recurring monthly giving so that donors don’t forget to give. Also, the newsfeed encourages giving because seeing others give inspires more giving. Last, many members of your organization may only
operate from their mobile devices and this is a great way for them to engage.

If I select one charity to receive my monthly round-ups, can I also make one-time donations to different charities?
Yes, ChangeUp offers both Monthly Giving and Instant Giving. You want your membership enrolled in Monthly Giving for your charity, but they can also use ChangeUp to give instantly to any charity in America at any time!

Who do we contact if we need help with the app or with our campaign?
Chat with us on our website! Or email us at

Fees & Disbursements

Let’s talk about fees. Our technology platform fee is $0 set-up, $0 monthly fee, and
only 5% of funds donated.

Why do we charge a fee? ChangeUp has invested substantial capital to streamline charitable giving for mobile devices by integrating Stripe, Plaid, Apple Pay (optional for the user), over 2,000 banks, and a leading Donor Advised Fund for distributions via transfer or paper check. Some of these partners also have fees that we’ve bundled inside the 5% to create this ecosystem so that you, the local charity, don’t have
to go build the same thing. Our goal is to make charitable giving easy, relevant and social on mobile.

Costs to acquire traditional donations is anywhere from 20% to 50% of a dollar for resource-intensive events like galas, dinners, festivals, bike rides, auctions and events. Our goal is to use digital efficiencies to significantly lower the cost of fundraising all the way down to 5%.

We invite you and your community to use our platform and in turn, we will handle payment services, technology upgrades, and all reporting. And also, we are proud to share that we provide our employees with family medical leave, retirement matching, and health insurance. Our goal is to be your partner by achieving donation efficiencies in the digital age. Let’s ChangeUp the World together!

How can our charity receive direct wire transfers?
Sign-up with our distribution partner here:

How can we enable donations via Apple Pay?
To receive donations via Apple Pay, your charity must complete a certification process which you can initiate here:

When does our charity receive the donations?
Donations are disbursed on the 21st day of every month.

What is the pricing of comparable donation services?
GoFundMe charges 5.0% for its campaigns for individuals, but it does not offer donations to entities like charities. Omaze charges 15%. GiveTide charges 9% for round-up donations. ChangeUp charges 5% for any and all donations.

Download the PDFPowerPoint, or Keynote document of this article.