Sample Speech


You all know that our fundraising team has been searching for innovative ways to drive donations to [Charity Name].

We found something new.

Instead of asking you to donate large sums of money, what if we asked you to start giving small amounts. Like, really small amounts?!

ChangeUp is a mobile app that helps users round-up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the spare change to us, [Charity Name].

[Charity Name] is now activated on the ChangeUp app. It takes 60 seconds to download from the App Store and get started.  It’s called ChangeUp: Charity Donation.

You can pull out your phone right now and download it.  That’s ok! I know you want to look at your phones anyway.  Optional: I’m passing around a print-out with a QR code to download/posting the QR code on the big screen here.  Just point your iPhone camera at it!

You just link a credit card and you’re done. The app will then tabulate the round-ups for every purchase on that credit card.  It then tallies the spare change into a single amount and sends it to us on the last day of every month.  It’s so easy and operates in the background of your life!   

• Any debit or credit card works

• RoundUps are connected to the card you connect, and any purchases you make with that card online or offline. 

• You can get a tax-deductible report at anytime

• You can donate spare change or give a fixed amount

Again, the app is called ChangeUp: Charity Donation

See me afterward if you’d like me to text the link to you, or give any other kind of help. 

I want your nickels and dimes!

Thank you.